About cattery

 I am pleased to welcome you to our web-site of Siberian and Neva Masquerade cats cattery " HOHLOMA ."

Our cattery is located in Moscow .
We have been breeding and popularization of the Siberian cat breed
as traditional colors and colors Siberian color-point ( Neva Masquerade cats) .
Our Cattery "HOHLOMA" is registered on the systems TICA and ICU.
Beauty , power, wisdom , devotion inherent Siberian cat could not leave me indifferent .
I hope that you will be interested to know our cats better and, who knows, maybe it is here you will find a small miracle that will steal your heart !

The cattery is registered in FK "Roskosh".

Sincerely, Golubeva Svetlana  cattery "Hohloma"


Our news


2-3/11/2013 Cats Show "Zoomir" Moscow WCF

Elaurka SiNeva of HOHLOMA
Best Opposite Sex SLH * both days of the show!!!
6-th place WCF-Ring adult!


Hosta ColorOfTheSun of Tavaloga
BEST of Breed Female on Sp. Siberian Monobreed Show
9 place on WCF-Ring Adult (in the competition of 41 cats)!!!


September 21-22, 2013 - "SIBERIAN MIRACLE-2013", Moscow (WCF).

After the summer break we girls: Hosts and Elaurkoy (we call her at home Lyalya) decided to resume the tours to the exhibition. Although so far we as true Siberians are not dressed the results are still there. In the ring, adults over 20 animals Lala took 8 th place, and Host 4th. the expert I. Shustrova. Of course this is not our best results, but still ahead, before the New Year is scheduled exhibitions, but after ....




18-19 may 2013 Moscow FOREST CAT SHOW 2013

with the success of the ICU on forest Show:
- With the title of Grand Inter Champion ICU,
- With 1ым place in BEST of Congress Ring Female (А.Savin)
- C 1ым place - BEST of BREED Siberian CRX-ring (S.Ivanov)
- 4 finals and the best adult Siberian animals system ICU at the exhibition!!!

April 6-7, Moscow, "Community"

Hosta ColorOfTheSun of Tavaloga
In the ICU was the best Siberian animal and the fifth best adult animals of 40 different species of animals in 11 months.


RFOO "Korgorushi" 9.10 February 2013 MO Mr. Reutov WCF

- BEST JUNIOR and BEST OF BREED - on special ring Olga Mironova!
- 7th place WCF ring on the first day of the 30 animals
- Nom Bis of the first day,
- BEST JUNIOR female SLH & BEST Op.Sex Junior second day of the show!