About breed

Lanselot Courageous Knight  ds 03 (red smoke with white)
LEV Brave Heart ds 23 (red siver mackerel)

Siberian cat can rightly be considered one of the most beautiful cats of Russia, it refers to the native species, it is the "indigenous inhabitants." Siberians ˗ are representatives of traditional Russian breed, which was developed under the influence of severe climatic conditions, which is why they have a gorgeous fur coat, collar, and a delightful luxury downy tail. And their wise opinion one can not remain indifferent. Different coat color: black, blue, red, tortoise, etc. But no matter what color a Siberian cat, it is always bright, beautiful and perfect.

Despite the fact that the fur of the Siberian thick, it does not fall down, is waterproof and does not require daily combing, although, of course, a massage with a comb will benefit your pet.  Molt occurs twice a year in spring and autumn. This is a very strong, powerful cats whose size depends on gender: males are larger and more massive cat and weigh 8 to 10 kg, female ˗ 5-7kg.

Crasnolika Zlatomir of Tavaloga f24 09 (black spotted torbie with white)

Good manners in Siberians laid in the blood, so no kitten, adult male or female will not allow themselves obscene things. Since the birth of the cat-mom teaches kittens cat tricks: how to wash, go to the tray where to sharpen clutches.

The Siberian cat is very sociable, with a balanced psyche, easy to get along with other animals in the house, loves children and enjoys playing with them, but always knows when to stop: when a child crosses the border, the cat always define the border or lifting legs, or a light touch. Siberian cat is very sensitive to the emotional state of the owner and his family, so you good or bad mood she sees and understands when to go to play, and when to just jump on her knees and purr. Cat, like a person, it is important to have a place or space where Siberian could relax, and sometimes just to hide and sleep, so he was not worried.

A special place among Siberians is Neva Masquerade cat. Distinguishes it of color-pointed, in other words Siamese. With 1989goda Neva Masquerade became a sovereign member of exhibitions and gaining more and more attention and love.

Bianka Nevskaya Klassika n 21 33 (seal tabby point)
from cattery "SINEVA"

Wide palette of colors Neva Masquerade cats: seal point, seal-tabby-point, blue point, blue-tabby-point, blue-tabby point with white, etc.

This beauty, in addition to a luxurious fur coat, which like the snow sparkles in the sun, has a more celestial blue of the eyes, and the combination does not leave anyone indifferent. At exhibitions Neva Masquerade cat always attracts the eyes and gathers around a lot of visitors. Pass by and not look into the abyss of the ocean in her eyes is impossible. Can truly be called Neva Masquerade cat ornament Siberian breed.

Choosing a traditional color or Neva Masquerade Siberian cat, you get above all other masters of relaxation and luxury cat that will grace any home is!