LITTERS " GoldKhokhloma D..."

RW SGC (TICA), IW SGCH (ICU), Ch. World (WCF) , Antey Velikii Ohotnik, n 21 33 09
color: seal-tabby-point with white
Gr.Eu.Ch. (WCF) In.Ch. (ICU) Elaurka S. of GoldKhokhloma, n
color: black solid
GoldKhokhloma Demian, male
n 21 33
GoldKhokhloma Danai, male
а 22
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GoldKhokhlom Dars, male
n 22
GoldKhokhloma Davlat, male
a 21 33
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GoldKhokhloma Dunyasha, female
n 24
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